Camel Milk Face Rescue Cream

AED 45.00 incl VAT

Camel Milk Face Rescue (10ml)

Your go-to-skincare is now available in a go-anywhere size.

AED 165.00 incl VAT

Camel Milk Face Rescue (50ml)

The go-to-treatment when your skin needs extra care.

AED 527.00 AED 350.00 incl VAT

Camel Milk Face Rescue (3x50ml) + FREE Healing Soap

Save with an affordable three month supply of your favorite skincare.


30% fresh Camel Milk effectively repairs, hydrates and plumps all types of skin


Clinically proven AHAs, Vitamin C and antioxidants leave you with a silky-soft skin.


Healing Omani frankincense and sweet orange essential oils care for stressed skin, revealing your natural glow.



Maximises skin nourishment with Olive Oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E.

money back guarentee

Money Back Guarantee

free delivery

FREE Delivery UAE

Hydrates, detoxifies and brightens your skin

with 100% NATURAL anti-inflammatory super ingredients.

Safe for all skin types.


100% Natural Ingredients


Safe for Sensitive Skin

Camel Milk Face Rescue Cream is cerified in the EU a

Certified in the EU and UAE

Why I Started this Brand

stevi natural skin rescue owner
I wanted beauty products I could actually understand.Ingredients everyone in my family could use.

But all I could find were products I didn’t actually need, with way too many chemicals.

The Camel Soap Factory is an honest attempt
to focus on what really matters:

A skincare line with premium natural ingredients to heal and enhance the beauty of your skin.

Natural, simple and beautiful.
– Stevie Lowmass
Founder of The Camel Soap Factory


Stefie L.
Submitted on 07/06/2020
Rating 5 of 5 

“It’s making my skin look younger…”

“I can’t keep this to myself! I’ve tried the Face Rescue for 2 weeks now. It’s making my skin look younger and it’s perfect as a base for makeup, not too dry, not too oily. It’s just perfect. Try it for yourself and let’s compare notes”

Vilija P.
Submitted on 07/06/2020
Rating 5 of 5 

“What I really love is how fresh it feels…”

“ I have to say that it became my new favorite facial cream after 3 days I started using it. I simply love how it feels on my skin. The texture is so nice. What I really love about this cream is how fresh it feels. It’s perfect especially after a day at the beach. I wish they had a jar instead of a pump bottle, but that’s just my personal preference”.

Palesa S.
Submitted on 15/07/2020
Rating 5 of 5 

“I already see a new glow on my face…”

“I’ve always had minor problems with my skin to be honest. Since I started using this cream I feel it’s literally breathing life into my skin. It’s so natural. I’ve been only using it for three and a half weeks but I already see a new glow on my face now… This is sooooo amazing!!”

Chloe W.
Submitted on 17/06/2020
Rating 5 of 5 

“My skin healed faster than expected…”

“Since I had my daughter 4 years ago, my skin had so many breakouts and troubles. I’ve looked around for a natural cream that would help me soothe my skin, but it was very hard for me to find one I’d be really happy about. When I first tested the Rescue Cream I did not have high expectations as I was deceived many times by other brands. But the results have been a very pleasant surprise. My skin started healing faster than I expected, definitely like no other cream have done before”.

Krysta F.
Submitted on 9/07/2020
Rating 5 of 5 

“Finally a product with no chemicals…”

“Over the years, because of  sun exposure, have done some damages  to my skin. So, I know I am very specific when it comes to choosing my skincare. What I truly love about The Camel Soap Factory is that it’s a family owned business. They really care about what type of ingredients go in the formula. I’m really glad I finally found a natural product with no bad petro-chemicals in it”

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