A Skincare Company Rooted In The Traditions Of Arabia

The Camel Soap Factory isn't your usual skincare brand. We’ve drawn inspiration from centuries old traditions to create a clean and modern brand. Pure. Simple. Natural.
"When I started The Camel Soap Factory, I knew that I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to create a company that my little girl could be proud of, which wouldn’t damage the planet she was growing up in. I knew that I wanted our manufacturing processes to be as sustainable and clean as possible."
– Stevi lowmass, founder

Our History

My life changed

I used to live a corporate life, originally being a systems engineer and eventually becoming the GM of a software company in the UK, but shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, my life changed. I lost a stepson, my marriage, and my job, all within just a few months.


Searching for a new purpose

In 2002, I ended up in the UAE looking for a new purpose to life. Before I knew it, I had a child at 47 years old, which made me realize that I can't go back to working the way I used to, while still giving my kid the love and attention necessary.

Trying new things

After I had that realization, I tried my hand at quite a few new things, trying to figure out what the best way to combine my work life with my child's life.


Igniting the flame

Travelling through Western Australia my husband and I came across a wonderful factory called The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory. It had a retail outlet and factory where visitors could see the soap being made, and buy locally made products and produce. I had become increasingly interested in the sustainable manufacture of natural products. What I saw around me was the use of local produce to manufacture beautiful and very high-quality products.

Learning + Growing

I came back from Australia with a dream for the UAE. Once I discovered the magic that camel milk does for your skin, I knew I had to help share this magic with others.

The only problem was that my corporate background had not prepared me for this at all! I thought of making soap, and I kid you not, my next step was to Google "Best soap maker in the world"! From that Google search, I enrolled in a 3-day course with Melinda Coss in London.


new beginnings

After my amazing course with the best soap maker in the world, I started producing beautiful, natural soaps made of camel milk.

It didn't take long for the amazing reviews to start rolling in, with customers from around the world telling me their skin had never felt better, their rashes had disappeared, skin problems had miraculously abated and most importantly that their skin felt soft and moisturised.

Beyond soap

I knew that when we developed our face cream that what I wanted from that cream was that same natural simplicity. I wanted to be able to wash my face, dry it and then simply apply a single cream. It would need to contain something really special along with the fresh camel milk. We tested with dozens of creams before we hit the right note, our formulator carefully blending the oils to ensure that we could use as little preservative as possible, with the most natural emulsifiers we could find. Once we knew we had the magic cream, we looked at how to improve it. We researched the local ingredients used for centuries on the Arabian Peninsula, and the ingredient that kept coming up was Frankincense. The rest is history.


This is us...

We love the UAE and we want every person who buys a product from The Camel Soap Factory to experience that love. We create products that reflect the rich traditions and heritage of the region which are uniquely suited to our harsh climate.

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