The beauty and skin care market are constantly tempting us to try every new product that hits the shelves at such an unprecedented rate.
Every day we are faced with a new serum or a moisturizer that is going to promise a healthy skin that glows like never before! Let’s not forget the magic word; “Anti- Aging”! You see it on the packaging or description of the product, and you are sold! “I need this in my life”!
Does that sound familiar to you?
What happens next is that you fall in this trap and get into the cycle of expensive trial and error⁠—and experimentation in the name of better skin! The truth is that it will become harder and harder to decide what to use, so, you end up with a bag full of different products. The dilemma is not knowing whether you are on the right path or following a hype or a marketing scam?
At this stage you start combining products or overdoing a skin care routine! The results are far from perfect: irritated skin, red or dry with even worse breakouts.
An important fact pointed out by Dermatologists and Skin Care Experts is the following Good News; you likely need very few skincare products for a healthy glowing skin! Far less than what you’re currently using!
An article by Ni'Kesia Pannell published in the INSIDER mentions that “Board-certified dermatologist and president of Amarte Skin Care Dr. Craig Kraffert revealed that the consequences of combining products that aren't meant to go together can be somewhat serious to the health, look, and feel of your skin”.

He also adds that, “Greasy, sticky and tacky skin surfaces all suggest that too many (and/or the wrong type) of products have been applied. A regimen with fewer products of greater quality may be better for both the skin and the pocketbook." There are many reports suggesting that an effective moisturizing cream can in fact be used on face, around the eyes if its sole goal is to protect and moisturize the skin. So, there you have it: Natural moisturizing creams formulated lightly to sooth and care for the skin and to protect it against everyday stress are perfect one stop and all-in-one solution for the skin.

According to Dr. Nazarian, director of dermatology at Maiden Lane Medical Group in New York, in an interview by HuffPost, “there are probably going to be better benefits to using a regular-strength cream everywhere.”

So, there you have it: Choose one high quality moisturizing skin cream product, designed to improve skin barrier protection with an extra light formula to use as a daily extra care for your skin.
Revitalise your skin with our ground-breaking range of Camel Milk Rescue Creams.

Natural moisturising skin creams formulated with a healing blend of fresh camel milk, Omani Frankincense and Sweet Orange essential oils help to soothe and care for dry, irritated skin and protect against the stress and strain of everyday life. 

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