Why Frankincense is fabulous!

When we developed our rescue cream, I wanted to do something different. We were already making soap products with camel milk and knew that camel milk was a powerful active ingredient with noticeable impact on customer skins.
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Do we REALLY need multiple creams to take care of our skin?

Every day we are faced with a new serum or a moisturizer that is going to promise a healthy skin that glows like never before! Let’s not forget the magic word; “Anti- Aging”! You see it on the packaging or description of the product, and you are sold! “I need this in my life”! 
Does that sound familiar to you? 
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Clandestine Cleo

An ingredient so different, so interesting, so new and yet so old, how could anyone remain unaware to such a familiar, yet poorly understood aspect of Cleopatras beauty regime.
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