Why Frankincense is Fabulous

Why is Frankincense so fabulous, you ask? When we developed our rescue cream, I wanted to do something different. We were already making soap products with camel milk and knew that camel milk was a powerful active ingredient with a noticeable impact on customer...


Can One Face Cream Do It All?

The beauty and skin care market are constantly tempting us to try every new product that hits the shelves at such an unprecedented rate. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed with choice and wishing that there was just one face cream that could do it all. Every...


Camel Milk and Clandestine Cleo

Natural skin care is all the buzz and there are dozens of face creams on the market, but which one has the heritage of thousands of years and was an integral part of Cleopatra’s beauty regime? An ingredient so different, so interesting, so new and yet so old, how...


Natural Skin Care as it Should Be

What does All natural skin care actually mean, is it just a hype surrounding all things ‘natural’, driven by advertising and clever marketing campaigns and are products being touted as ‘natural’ really what they claim to be and are of real...

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